Finding Profitable Niche Markets: Tutorial Overview

This tutorial will help you to find a profitable niche. It is aimed at anyone who needs to find a niche market, niche products, or a blogging niche designed to sell content, products or make money as an affiliate.

There are some rules to this game:

  • You need to be passionate about your Niche and Sub-Niche, or at least be able to fake it;
  • You should have some prior knowledge about the Niche, or be prepared to research it;
  • There needs to be pre-existing, addressable traffic;
  • There needs to be a way to monetize the Sub & Micro-Niches.

The tutorial consists of five steps:

  1. Decide on a High Level Niche
  2. Decide on a Popular Sub-Niche
  3. Develop a Micro-Niche
  4. Test the Traffic Potential
  5. Determine the Most Appropriate Root Keyword Phrase

If you want to go through this tutorial using a product-first, rather than a market-first approach, then first select the product that you are going to promote or sell, and start with Step 3.

For readers who want to create an information product, or who have already created an information product and need to tweak it for sale to a hungry market, just start at the first step, and follow the process substituting those decisions already taken for the research notes.

Note that this process will also work for finding a business niche, or providing niche keyword research services, once you have become adept at reading the results.

Step 1: High Level Niche