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My mission is to put keyword research at the core of your business strategy, and manage your online presence as a strategic resource.

On this site, you can get a feel for my philosophy through the blog articles, learn various strategies through the tutorials and look at some real life examples of where keyword research has helped develop new opportunities in diverse markets.

Who is The Keyword Coach?

The Keyword Coach
I'm Guy, and I'm addicted to keyword research.

There, I said it.

In fact, there's nothing I like more than learning everything I can about a niche market as seen through the eyes of search users.

I even used it as the central theme in my Masters dissertation: combining strategic management, marketing and search engine engagement to prospect new products and markets, and create new opportunities for businesses, in line with their overall strategy.

And the timing couldn't be better. According to research*, SEO effectiveness is on the increase, which yields opportunities to both research and address the target market. Yet the same research reveals that SEO relies on some of the most complex business tasks: keyword research and content creation.

That's where The Keyword Coach comes in.

(*Research: Ascend2, summarised by Marketing Dive, 2016)


Search Engine Optimisation is all about how your site is perceived by the search engines, viewed by potential visitors in the results pages (SERPs) and subsequently adjusted to make the best use of the total addressable traffic relevant to your niche.

Although many SEO professionals see it as a part of search engine marketing (SEM), having an MBA style background means that I attach slightly different connotations to marketing.


Search engine marketing uses the power of search in an integrated marketing process that encompasses all aspects of marketing -- from product development to advertising and brand management -- including destination site search as well as web search.

Given that all destination sites also have their own integrated search engines, widening the SEM net to cover all aspects of modern strategic marketing, leveraging the power of search, is an absolute must.

It all starts with keyword research...


Keyword research (KWR) is at the core of SEO, SEM and can become part of an organisation's competitive advantage when aligned with their ongoing business strategy. The Keyword Coach's philosophy is to align an organisation or individual entrepreneur's strategic management and search engine marketing efforts.

Keyword research can lead to new products, new markets, and increase lifetime customer value as well as improving returns on marketing investments, including PPC campaigns and live physical promotions.

It is a result-driven philosophy based on analysing cause and effect through analytics...


The final pillar of The Keyword Coach philosophy is in measuring, tracking, and testing the result of SEO, SEM and KWR efforts on an ongoing basis. Picking the correct set of analytics is half the battle: working out the best course of action is the other half.

To find out more about the philosophy behind taking result-oriented action within web analytics, check out the PDCA, SMART Goal and A/B Split Testing article.

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